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One man sent to hospital after altercation in Burne Avenue residence

One man was sent to Kelowna General Hospital with lacerations after an argument broke out inside a residence on Burne Avenue Thursday Comprar Levitra afternoon. after two males were seen walking along Burne Avenue, covered in blood.

Mounties attended the scene and learned there was a gathering inside the residence where an argument broke out and one male was hit with an unknown object to the head.

He had to Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg Per Week be convinced by police to attend the hospital to be medically checked out.

According to Cpl. Tania Carroll, there has been very little information given from the people who were inside the house and the victim has not given details either.

One Mountie on the scene noted all individuals involved were "heavily intoxicated."

Several neighbours suggested the incident may have involved "Anadrol 50" a stabbing.

One Burne Avenue resident said she saw two men, between 18 and 20, walk out of the residence before police arrived. One was holding a knife.

"One was covered in blood from the head down. The other one had blood on his hands and about a 12 "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" inch long hunting knife," she said.

"They were laughing, joking around about how they beat up a guy and stabbed him."

Dave was sitting in his work van "Oxandrolone Powder India" when he saw the men and noted he also saw the knife.

"They just said how crazy it was and how he stabbed the one guy in the back."

The men allegedly walked away Testosterone Cypionate Blood Clots from the scene casually.

Carroll said police have not located "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" a weapon. She confirmed the two other men were located, but were not arrested.

Another neighbour, Edith, said she wasn't surprised when she drove up and saw police vehicles parked in front of the house where Testosterone Cypionate No Libido the altercation happened.