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Wellbutrin and Ativan together

QUESTION: I have had extended periods of recurring anxiety and depression throughout my life and have been hospitalized and put on various medications. I never responded positively to SSRIs or very well to older ADs except for Limbitrol over 30 years ago and later Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve on to Remeron and Klonopin. The Klonopin now affects me paradoxically.I'd done well unmedicated for a number of years until a family member's own mental health problems dragged down my anxiety and eventually my depression.In the beginning it wasn't too bad and I got by unmedicated. As my family member got worse so did I. He is now about 75% recovered and I have continued to get worse but especially worse this past August when I had to take a large amount of steroids (Prednisone) which may have caused steroid psychosis along with Purpura which recurs with stress and/or milk ingestion.I used to be able to take benzos and respond positively. I could take most drugs that calmed me until I took Prednisone. I now respond in the opposite manor that I should with just about everything the doctor has prescribed me.I've most recently been on Abilify which didn't help. On Remeron which speeded me up greatly as did Zyprexa. Attarax speeds me up uncontrollably as well as most benzos.The only thing I've been given that seems to help is Wellbutrin 150 mgs a day and .5 mg of Ativan which works although it's a benzo. I'm usually okay with these two and with 50 mg of Trazodone for sleep if I need it.Before taking Prednisone a few months ago I'd tried Wellbutrin before and it speeded up my body and my brain beyond belief. After taking Prednisone it no longer speeds me up. It seems to be rather neutral or helping slightly in the first 3 weeks I've taken Masteron Subq it this time along with Ativan.Should I be worried about the Ativan in doses never any larger than .5 mg once a day most of the time and twice a day at the most? I don't like pills but I don't like being uncontrollable with anxiety.To my mind most of your problems stem from your psychological make up and mental dependence "Comprar Gh Jintropin" on some person. But dont take offence, I am not a psychiatrist and my impression may not be corect at all.Drugs, especially those actng on the CNS produce different effects on different people and in the same person under different conditions, I will not even try to explain why that happens, for two reasons. One is that in most cases we dont know why, and n those few cases we understand, it is too complex to explain.What yu seem to have is depressiona and anxiety, for this the best treatment would be something like citalopram and ativan.Though you say, you dont respond well to SSRI, I have seen many cases which respond to one drug but not the other, again we do not know why this happens. Most doctors dont want to accept the limitation of their knowledge and Oxandrolone Cycle will tell teh patient some gobbledigook to impress them. I dont feel the need to do so.So long as your dose of ativan is controlled at 0.5 mg a day, there is no harm. Of course in all cases I prefer to know more details of the patient. Especially when dealing with psycho active drugs I like to know th gender (your name suggests you are a female), age, cnsumption of alcohol, nicotine and occupation sedentary or otherwise). These parameters always help us take "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" some decision.If my suggestions are not clear, please revert to me.QUESTION: Thank you for replying to my question. I'm a productive professional with a career in journalism, a wife, mother, volunteer and practice my faith on a regular basis. I have a low tolerance to medication and my family doctor and my pdoc are aware of and treat me with that in mind.I have a loving relationship with my family including my husband and two adult sons. We're a close family who share and care for one another mutually with affection but with respect for everyone's independence in mind as well.I cannot take estrogen for medical reasons but responded well to natural progesterone for about 10 years before a hysterectomy at which time the need once again surfaced for an anti anxiety medication when progesterone no longer worked.I was hospitalized once in my 20s after taking birth control pills when they were way too strong in the 70s. I was hospitalized in the 80s when the tri cyclic I was given stopped working. I was hospitalized in the 90's when progesterone stopped working and my anxiety returned.The meds I was given worked well but I gained 100 lbs over a couple of years and had to stop Remeron and Klonopin for that reason.I don't quite understand what you based your statement upon that I have a mental dependence on a person. My husband is open minded and we share a mutually rewarding relationship in a loving and respectful marriage. My sons are also professionals with whom their father and I share a close and loving relationship. My mother has been deceased since I was a teenager and my father since I was in my early 30s. They are deeply missed but time marches on.My question was what your opinion was of taking Ativan and Wellbutrin together. It's not possible to make value judgements of the quality of life of someone over the internet or to interpret the quality or condition of a person's relationships.The thing that puzzles my two physicians is how to address my anxiety and resulting depression that has arisen after administration of long term prednisone. Everything they have prescribed except for Wellbutrin and Ativan have worked paradoxically from how they should work.At any rate, thank you for replying even though you missed the mark with your online psychological evaluation. My shrink will find it most interesting.Hi Rita,As I said in the opening I am not a psychiatrist and can Comprar Gh Jintropin only opine about drugs. My remark about your mental dependance was based on a sentence used by you, which I quote below:"I'd done well unmedicated "Comprar Gh Jintropin" for a number of years until a family member's own mental health problems dragged down my anxiety and eventually my depression."In any case "Oxandrolone Powder India" I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings, that was not intended.My opinion about ativan was clear, so long as your dose of ativan does not increase, this is not going to cause a problem. Drugs like wellbutrin are very often used along with ativan and there is no risk at all in using them together.