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´╗┐UMC may allow Gay Clergy

This is the third question I've had about this subject in the past few weeks via AllExperts. I don't know where this rumor is coming from, but my sources tell me that it is most unlikely that the 2012 General Conference will even come close to passing such legislation. The last several Quadrennial sessions of the General Conference have seen plenty of legislation which, if it had passed, would have ushered in such changes; however, each and every General Conference such legislation has been defeated by significant margins. I have no doubt Billig Generisk Cialis that, yet again, legislation to change the Discipline will be proposed by the very same groups that have proposed similar legislation in the past. However, just because such legislation is proposed doesn't mean that it will be passed. Indeed, the conditions that has repeatedly defeated such legislation at past General Conferences still in place: the African delegations grow larger and more conservative with each successive General Conference; when combined with the strong evangelical vote from the South Central and Southeastern Jurisdictions, the current regulations within the Discipline which bar the ordination of self avowed practicing homosexuals are almost certainly going to be maintained.

Granted, no one really knows that will happen at the 2012 General Conference. No delegates have been elected as of yet most Conferences won't cast ballots for clergy and lay delegations to the 2012 General Conference until the their annual sessions in the summer of 2011. Until that happens, no group of clergy anywhere can do anything more than speculate and fear monger on this matter. This being said, I doubt that the elections for 2012 will produce a major liberalizing of the delegations from Africa or the two southern Jurisdictions; and, so long as this is the case, we'll not see change.

Personally, I am in favor of a change, but "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" I don't see it happening in 2012. Instead, I see MAJOR changes in the organization of our Denomination. Clergy (other than Bishops) are going to lose their guarantee of an appointment: they will be left with all the duties and responsibilities but with NO rights or protections that have historically come with Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop Conference Membership. But, I seriously doubt any changes will come on the matter of the status of homosexuals in the church . other than, possibly, an even more restrictive stance than currently exists.

In short, I seriously doubt that the prohibitions against self avowed practicing homosexuals in the ministry will be lifted. I can only give you my opinion as a pastor, theologian, and student of the New Testament.

1. The Old Testament cannot be used on this subject because we ignore huge portions of the Mosaic Law, including plenty of regulations within the same two chapters which address the subject of homosexual practice. If we're going to enforce the Mosaic regulations on homosexuality we will have to start enforcing all the other Mosaic prohibitions, from dietary regulations to blood purity and gender relation laws.

2. The three New Testament references to homosexuality (1 Corinthians, 1 Timothy, and Romans) can be reduced to one: Paul's argument in Romans. Paul's argument in Romans is that homosexual attraction is God's punishment for idolatry. Since we know that homosexual orientation is not chosen, nor is it the result of God's punishment for idolatry, Paul's conclusions on the subject can be set aside as an expression of the standards of another culture similar to how we deal with Pauline opinions on women, etc.

3. Salvation comes by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not through good works, nor through not being a homosexual.

4. I believe that people are born with their sexual orientations, and since God doesn't make mistakes those with a homosexual orientation are that way because God made them so.

5. I have served as pastor for many gays and lesbians singles and couples who are deeply faithful Christians: they tithe, serve the church in many missions and ministries, and contribute to the life of the church in many ways. Many of them have told me that they have asked God to take away their homosexuality but that God has never done this. God has changed many things in their lives, been present in their lives and relationships, but God hasn't found their homosexuality something to be changed.

While I would favor a change in our Buy Cialis Switzerland denomination's position on the subject, I don't believe that a change will happen in 2012. Nor do I believe that a change should happen in 2012: I don't believe that we should make a change until we reach the point of overwhelming agreement that comes with true consensus, and we are nowhere near achieving consensus. You just cleared some cobwebs from my eyes! Thank you and God Bless you!!!!!!!!!You're welcome, Chris. I'm glad it was of some help.

I am acutely aware that this is not an easy topic, that emotions run deep on both sides of the issue, and that those who disagree with the "homosexual lifestyle' often have very good reasons, are sincere, faithful, well meaning Christians. I respect their concerns and their position, even when i don't share it, and I pray that the Church may move forward faithfully, respectfully, and in a way that does justice both to the seriousness of this matter as well as in conformity with the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. That is part of the reason why I don't believe we should change until we are able to reach an overwhelming degree of consensus on the issue. I "Anabolika Definition" do not wish to see the church harmed; so long as the church doesn't require me to do something which will violate my theological and pastoral ethics and just refraining from conducting gay weddings, etc., doesn't qualify I Primobolan Xbs am willing to stay within the UMC, obey the Discipline, and carry forward the Injectable Steroids Safe ministry which God has Equipoise Racehorse given me. But, such a day has not yet arrived; all I am asked to do is refrain form conducting gay weddings, and being a loyal United Methodist I have obeyed, and will continue to obey, the Discipline. If I couldn't, I would leave.